Saturday 8 February 2014

Star Wars - Wan or two ideas...

May 2005. Episode III inspired me to dash off a few random ideas for an Obi-Wan Kenobi...something. Back then the idea of a dedicated film would have been ridiculous so I was probably thinking about a graphic novel or game. But now with the prospect of spin-off movies to accompany the new trilogy, this seems like an obvious avenue to explore. Just what did he do on that rock for twenty years?

The following is taken from a Word doc dated 11/05/05:

Idea for Obi-Wan story

Concentrate on his settling on Tatooine. It is decided he cannot directly see Luke as his proximity to the boy would be dangerous should Vader ever come (ref. “I sense something, something I have not felt since…”)
He sets up his home. Solitary existence.

First changes name to Ben.

Not interested in creating loads of inferior rip-offs from the films. Use characters seen around Tatooine. Possibly Watto, Jabba, Sebulba, etc.

An encounter with Sandpeople. Explore them more. Perhaps he finds one, but scares it off. It returns with others in the night. He says he does not want to fight, to hurt them. But he is forced to attack (mirroring Anakin’s slaughter of them in Episode II). He stands over their bodies with his lightsaber humming, fizzling in the rain (this whole section referring to his comments on Sandpeople in Episode IV). Also ref. tracks, hiding their numbers.

He goes to town to get supplies in a big cloak – mysterious to other people. Uses mind-tricks. Has problems there.‘Mos Eisley, a wretched hive’. Cantina visit.

He encounters a trader or a bounty hunter who has a lightsaber of a fallen conrade and he is angered by this, taking action to retrieve it and either keeping it, burying it, or dismantling it and doing something reverential with the crystal.

See an image of him trading with Jawas, mirroring Anakin’s info hunt with them.

He always has a sense of defiance, a shadow of Qui-Gon. Wishes to train Luke as he knows that he will be extremely gifted, perhaps a final hope for the Jedi, but is worried about his failure with Anakin. Lars will not allow it, or any knowledge of Luke’s father whatsoever – links to “That’s what you’re uncle told you”.
A scene where a young Luke is followed by a group of heavies. Obi-Wan steps in saving him. “Be mindful of your surroundings little one”. Convey the fact that Kenobi is watching/guarding Luke from afar.

Luke and Biggs perhaps. Beggar’s Canyon, Womprats, T-16s, 2 meters.

Perhaps see the very beginnings of the Rebellion in some form or another, although Tatooine is out of the way of the Empire, and therefore the Rebels’ focus.

Podracing. Something with the Hutts.

Some kind of communication with Alderaan and Bail Organa, perhaps even a little Leia.

On occasion he meets Luke as a child. Lars discourages Luke from talking to him, calling him a ‘crazy old man’ and a ‘hermit’. Mirrors Episode I with Qui-Gon finding Anakin. Luke sees him as mysterious and feels drawn to him.
His home has several small things linked to the bygone age of the Jedi order.

Key point at the end of the story – he lays down his lightsaber for the last time – final image.

Frustration of a man struggling to reconcile the annihilation of his way of life and beliefs. Patience wins over. Communing with Qui-Gon. A true Jedi by the end. Mastering his emotions.

Questions about Vader. Rumours. Is Anakin really Darth Vadar? He has dreams where he faces Vadar/Anakin.

Lingers on thoughts of failing Anakin. Guilt over leaving him.


Rough and rambling but there's a kernel there. Not sure they get much rain on Tatooine but the image of a dark figure standing over bodies in the light of a sizzling lightsaber isn't bad. Get Ewan McGregor back in. A ninety-minute character piece with guilt, scum and villainy. And speeders. Obi-Wan does Drive.

Feel free to cherry pick, JJ.